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The World Patrol Kids are a multicultural, environmental group of children whose message is "kids can change the world."  They sing original songs about climate change, endangered species, recycling, trees, atomic energy and more. They have performed many times at the United Nations, Ecofestivals , Lincoln-Center-Out of Doors and many other venues.

The "World Patrol Kids' recorded several environmental videos including "The Importance of Trees," "Water and the Earth,"  "Recycling." and others which have been sold to schools and libraries. Their music videos have appeared on Nickelodeon, David Letterman, NY1, CBS News, and the Learning Channel. Their comic/activity books, videos and cd's have been sold in chains across the country. Their songs have been played on adult radio shows like Z-100 as well as numerous children's radio stations.

Their goal is to inspire and empower children to learn about their environment and take action to improve it.


Help introduce "The World Patrol Kids" to a new generation.  Maintaining and improving a website is costly. Producing new material is even costlier. We hope you will  join us in bringing environmental awareness and activism to a new generation.



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